Welding with Multi-Etch

Photo of welder using Multi-Etch on a Firefly Bicycle frame.

We recommend using Multi-Etch heated; it works much faster that way. For setup and instructions, see “How to Use Heated.” Your etch time will depend on how much material you want to remove but 10-90 seconds is the likely range.

Firefly Bicycles

If you can’t use Multi-Etch hot for your application, Multi-Etch can be used at room temperature—70ºF. But the entire bath must be heated one time. See “How to Use Unheated.” Initial etch time can vary but will probably be at least 10 minutes, depending on how much material you want to remove. Etch time will likely be reduced as the bath ages.

It’s a good idea to test with scrap titanium using the same material as the pieces that will be welded.

We hope these steps helped you use our amazing product! If you had any issues please check out our Frequently Asked Questions or feel free to email us at Info@ReactiveMetals.com or Info@MultiEtch.com with any concerns.