Multi-Etch Resource Documents

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Etch Times for Various Metals

Effects on Various Metals


Multi-Etch Resource Videos


The basics of Multi-Etch

Prepare titanium for anodizing and welding. Get brilliant colors on jewelry, dental abutments, medical implants and devices, knives, bicycles, and all titanium items.

Double Boilers for Multi-Etch

This video outlines simple alternatives you can use as double boilers for heating Multi-Etch.

Room Temperature Multi-Etch

Etch your titanium parts with room-temperature Multi-Etch.

Mass Etching and Brightening with Multi-Etch

Tools for etching and anodizing multiple titanium parts all at once; using Multi-Etch to brighten titanium.

Retaining Finishes with Multi-Etch

Keep polished, matte, and bead-blasted finishes on titanium parts while etching with Multi-Etch.

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