How to Use Multi‑Etch

Our detailed instructions are aimed at small users trying out titanium etching and anodizing for the first time. But the principles are the same for larger users with a dedicated production line, similar to those made by IPEC Global.

Decide whether you will be using Multi-Etch heated (fastest) or room temperature (70°F) and choose the appropriate instructions below.

You can download a Multi-Etch Data Sheet (PDF) with an overview of the product, and browse our frequently asked questions and troubleshooting process.

We also have guides for specific uses of Multi-Etch:


When finished with your batch, we have a guide on disposing Multi-Etch safely.


IPEC Global (click or tap to enlarge).


A typical small-user setup (click or tap to enlarge).

Video demonstrations

If you’re more of a visual learner, be sure to check out our Multi-Etch how-to videos for step by step demonstrations.