Etching palladium with MultiEtch

Palladium sheet. By Mauro Cateb (CC BY 2.0).

Palladium sheet. By Mauro Cateb (CC BY 2.0).

How to etch palladium with Multi-Etch

Preparing palladium for welding or soldering using Multi‑Etch
Although Multi-Etch will not etch palladium, it can be used to remove all steel ions prior to welding or soldering.
ProcessEtch timeSurface change
135°F regular strength15 secondsNone
Etch rates to remove a drill bit from palladium using Multi‑Etch
Note: 3 minutes will remove enough to be picked out; etch longer to dissolve whole bit.
ProcessEtch time (minutes)Surface change
135°F regular strength3+None

Step-by-step guides on etching with Multi-Etch

The guides below demonstrate etching with titanium, but the order of steps are the same for etching palladium.

Tips and tricks when etching with Multi-Etch

Ordering Multi-Etch

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