Etching Mokume with Multi-Etch

Titanium-niobium mokume bead. By Exotica Jewelry, used with permission.

Titanium-niobium mokume bead. By Exotica Jewelry, used with permission.

How to etch mokume (Ti + Nb) with Multi-Etch

Different etch rates of metals used in mokume accounts for the pattern enhancement. Titanium-niobium mokume needs only anodization preparation and then anodizing will bring out the patterns because any given voltage level will produce two different colors on the two metals. Also works well with copper-based mokume; will not etch precious metals.

Preparing mokume for anodizing using Multi‑Etch
ProcessEtch timeSurface change
150–160°F regular strength7-10 secondsBrightens; anodizing reveals patterns
70°F double strength2 minutesBrightens; anodizing reveals patterns
Removing color from mokume using Multi‑Etch
Note: times are for removing high-voltage green completely; lower voltage colors will take less time to remove.
ProcessEtch timeSurface changeNotes
150–160°F regular strength4.5 minutesTitanium: matte. Niobium: no change.Titanium will lose color before niobium
150–160°F double strength3.5 minutesTitanium: matte. Niobium: slightly matte.Titanium will lose color before niobium
70°F double strength6 minutesTrend toward matteWill remove color from titanium only
Etch rates for mokume using Multi‑Etch
ProcessEtch time (minutes)Etch depth (inches)Surface change
135°F regular strength5VariablePatterns revealed by various depths

Step-by-step guides on etching with Multi-Etch

The guides below demonstrate etching with titanium, but the order of steps are the same for etching mokume.

Tips and tricks when etching with Multi-Etch

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