Multi-Etch disposal

As we say in the safety data sheet (SDS), Multi-Etch users must comply with all federal, state, and local wastewater regulations. But how can you find out what is allowed? The best way is to check with the wastewater manager of your town and provide them with the SDS.

We are in the process of determining how those regulations might vary in different localities—sometimes local regulations are more stringent than Federal rules. We will update this page and blog about it when we have details to share.

We are aware of larger companies using many gallons of Multi-Etch per week who are allowed to neutralize their waste etchant and sewer it with lots of water but they may have a special permit. We know baking soda is often used to neutralize Multi-Etch but we don’t know what other regulations apply.

Consult the wastewater expert where you live to determine what is allowed, and check back here for updates.