Looking for Multi-Etch Distributors Outside North America

Looking for Multi-Etch Distributors Outside North America

We are pleased to announce that Multi-Etch is now available in Australia! Our newest distributor is Nick Hacko Fine Watches .

Besides Australia, Multi-Etch has distributors in the U.S. and Canada. We regularly get requests to ship Multi-Etch outside the U.S., including to many European countries. How we wish we could send it to everyone who asks! The problem is that even though Multi-Etch is vastly safer than the industry standard of hydrofluoric and nitric acids, Multi-Etch is still considered a hazardous material. Because of that, there is a burdensome amount of paperwork that must be completed and filed with every shipment that leaves the U.S. and for that reason, shipping expensive.

We have a minimum requirement of 100 units of Multi-Etch for shipments leaving the US. Each unit makes one gallon of regular strength or 1/2 gallon of double-strength Multi-Etch. Most of the shipping cost is due to the paperwork and required licenses associated with shipping hazardous materials. So the more product you buy, the less per unit shipping will cost.

If you are a company already selling jewelry supplies, metal-working supplies, or industrial cleaning products, contact us for how you could add Multi-Etch to your product selection.

Contact us at info@multietch.com or 928-634-5307 for more information.