Brightening Tumbled Titanium with Multi-Etch

Tumble-finishing titanium is a very efficient and fast way to radius (smooth) edges on titanium parts. However, the one drawback is that it leaves the titanium very dark. The photo shows titanium discs before and after tumbling with Multi-Etch.


You can use this technique to quickly brighten a load of titanium. After achieving the desired radius on the parts, rinse off the resulting sludge from the batch and the media. Return the parts to the tumbler and add just enough Multi-Etch--regular strength--to moisten the load. The exact amount of Multi-Etch to add will vary depending upon the size of your tumbler and amount of parts. As an example, in a 2.5 gallon tumbler with approximately 300 1/2-inch titanium discs, add one cup of Multi-Etch. You may need to adjust the amount of Multi-Etch but you will be happy with the results. Again, you want to use enough Multi-Etch to just moisten the load.

A ten-minute run is usually sufficient.

Upon removing the titanium parts, rinse well and proceed with the regular steps of Multi-Etching and anodizing. Don't forget to also rinse the tumbler and the media.

We have not tested all possible tumbling media but know that ceramic is fine. We do not recommend using steel shot as your tumbling media because Multi-Etch will suspend the iron and contaminate the titanium.

Please leave feedback if you have specific questions.