Multi-Etch Team

Founders of Multi-Etch

Founders of Multi-Etch

Chris & Sandy Boothe

Growing up Chris always had an affinity for art and science; he’s proud to say he had a science fair project during many of his school years. In high school he spent most of his senior year in the art department, crafting jewelry. Little did he know that his passion for both science and art would culminate in the creation of Multi-Etch!

His love for jewelry and science are what propelled him throughout his life. Fast forward to the early 1970’s and you’d find him living in Buenos Aires, Argentina with his wife, Sandy, selling jewelry to the local diplomatic community. This passion for selling jewelry only grew when he returned to the states. He and a partner ran ‘The Wedding Ring Store’ in Washington, D.C in the late 1970’s, where he specialized in custom gold jewelry. During this time Chris began to experiment with titanium as a new metal for making jewelry and established Exotica Jewelry, Inc. 

He and Sandy became business partners and switched exclusively to titanium jewelry. They moved to Clarkdale, AZ, in 1989 and established an online titanium wedding ring business in the mid-1990’s. After years of working with dangerous hydrofluoric and nitric acids to etch titanium Chris was determined to find a safer alternative. He researched and experimented until he formulated a much safer etchant, named Multi-Etch. He and Sandy began marketing Multi-Etch in 1993 to other titanium jewelers and artists. As the Multi-Etch side of the business heated up, Sandy took on more business development tasks. She was named CEO of Multi-Etch, LLC. in 2018.  Due to its greater safety and waste stream solutions, Multi-Etch has become the preferred titanium etchant for the dental, medical, consumer, and aerospace industries.